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Adoption & The Boekell Family

We are pursuing adoption for several reasons, but the primary reason is our belief that God, through the finished work of Jesus on the cross, has reconciled a beautiful group of people to himself from wildly diverse backgrounds and from the ends of the earth. As children of God, we have been adopted into His family. And Jesus traveled far and paid a high cost to make that adoption a reality. Caring for the orphan is not just a biblical command, it is a reflection of the very image of God.  In Jesus we are called and equipped to bear the image of God as worship to His infinitely valuable name and we do that by reflecting the diversity of His large forever family in our little forever family and by caring for the widow and the orphan. This is our primary joy and motivation in our desire to adopt.

There are many other reasons. Family is one of the single greatest gifts we have ever known, and we believe our family will be enriched by the addition of another sweet face. We desire to stretch our own understanding of what it means to love unconditionally. We desire that our current children know that the bond of family is not determined by blood or even by race or geography or history. We desire to raise awareness among our family and friends and others for the desperate need of forever families for so many orphaned children all over the world. 


We are currently part of an Ugandan adoption program and hope to bring a child home to our forever family in 12-18 months. But the adoption journey is anything but predictable and there are bound to be curves and bumps in the road but in the midst of it all, we feel an overwhelming sense of joy and peace and we’re beyond excited for everything that lies ahead whether it be bitter or sweet and likely both.

We’d love for you to travel with us on this adoption journey.

Meet The Boekell Family

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We’re the Boekells. We live in Huntington, West Virginia. We have called the Mountian State home for our entire lives. 

Paul is a pastor at Redemption Church in Huntington. And a photographer on the side (this used to be his full time job). He was born and raised in Huntington and is a graduate of Marshall University where He graduated with a fiancé.   

Sarah is a homemaker (& budding matchbox car racer). And she was that fiancé who became a bride on October 18th 2008. She has worked as a freelance graphic designer and commercial photographer and now she wrangles a mess of little men. She was raised in Milton (WV) and graduated from Marshall University with a husband.  

Isaiah was born in October of 2010 and loves jumping off of things. 

Ezra was born in July of 2012 and loves his family of stuffed foxes. 

Abraham was born in March of 2014 and, at least for now, has the squeeziest cheeks in all the land. 



We enjoy telling stories, traveling to the beach, cuddling on the couch, cookies with sprinkles, making art, and kitchen dance parties. We are passionate about family, truth, community, authenticity, joy…and most passionate about Jesus Christ, the one who makes all of these things possible. 

Partner With The Boekell Family

We’d love to extend to you the opportunity to be involved in our adoption journey. This is bigger than all of us and we’re excited to walk together with others in this process. We believe that anybody who gets close to this is going to be changed for the better. Please join us. How? Let us count the ways.

Prayer: Maybe not everyone who reads this will be the praying type, but if you are please join us by lifting our family up in prayer. We don’t believe any of this is possible apart from the sovereign grace of our wonderful God. If you would like to stay informed about how you can pray along with us, you can sign-up for our newsletter by clicking here.

Money: To bring our child home is going to cost us around $41,000. That’s a lot of money and we don’t have it lying around either. Would you please consider investing financially in this journey? If you would like to give to us person, you can contact us here. If you would like to give online, you can do that by clicking here.

Events: We will be hosting several larger scale events: a yard-sale in the spring, a dinner in the summer, and an art auction in the fall and maybe some other fun stuff as well. You can link arms with us for the homecoming of our child by attending, advertising for, volunteering at, or supporting these events. We’ll let you know more as the events approach.

Fundraisers: Get your t-shirts! Get your raffle-tickets! Get your puzzle-pieces! Get your bid in for a photo-shoot with boekell photography! We’ll be hosting a wide variety of fundraisers and you’re participation will be a great way to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in this.

Etsy: We’re going to be selling art (some of it made by us and some by our friends) in our Etsy shop. All the profits will go directly to the adoption process. So buy some cool stuff and pave the road home for our child at the same time. Visit our Etsy shop by clicking here.

Art: Speaking of art, maybe you’re an artist and would like to offer your talents up to help give a child a forever family. We’d love to sell your work in our Esty shop or at our art auction this fall (2015). If this is you contact us by clicking here.


Air Miles: We don’t have this set up yet, but we will most likely be able to receive the donation of air miles as our first and second trips out of the country approach. Maybe your extra air miles can buy our child’s plane ticket home. If your interested in this, you can contact us by clicking here.

Social Media: This one is easy, following us on social media and interacting with the content posted there will be a huge encouragement to us along the way.  And also with just a few clicks, you help spread the word about this adoption journey. If you are so inclined, share our any and all of our social media content and feel free the share the link to this website. Social media is like word-of-mouth on steroids and the team cannot get to large in this adoption journey, so follow and share at will.